Friday, 30 November 2012

And the Winner Is...

And the lucky winner of our first Giveaway competition is....
Wendy King!

Wendy King, you have won yourself a 2Kool4Skool Satchel Style pencil case & ID wallet! Exciting!! Please contact us @ to claim your prize by 5:00pm EST Monday 3rd December 2012 (if unclaimed at this time, a redraw will be conducted).

We'd like to thank all of the fantastic entrants and remind you that we have an IDENTICAL competition running right here on the blog, you can enter HERE This competition will be running until Friday 7th December at 10pm!

There are also plenty more opportunities for your kids to score some kool prizes over at our websites Kid Zone 

Stay Kool & Good luck!

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Kathy's Journey.

Today I opened the doors to my online store and invited the world in. 2kool4skool is open for business. 10 months of production, 10 years of preparation.
There isn't one Mum (Or Dad as the case may be Damien) out there who hasn't held their head in their hands, sitting at the kitchen table surrounding by wrapping paper, contact, clear covers, sticky tape, labels, glittery stickers, and who knows what else in the mid January heat cursing the fact that "there has got to be an easier way to do this!".  For 10 years (my eldest now in year 10) this was me.  Then with 3 at school the task became mammoth and I was forced to take drastic measures and call on the help of well meaning neighbours and a bottle or 2 of wine. Each year I would scan the Internet praying someone had found a solution in the preceding 12 months that would save me from this hell.  It wasn't just the cost of having "the coolest books" it was the hours and hours it took when the pool was calling my name.
So in February 2012 I hopped onto the 2Kool4Skool roller coaster and it surely has been one hell of a ride.  It is not by chance that I find myself at age 43, a single Mum of 3 teenage and tweenage children about to embark on the next chapter of my working life. I have always been the creative one of the bunch, the "arty" one, the one called on to write the cards, shop and wrap the presents and I've owned and run a successful gift and homewares company.  Team the artistic flair with a legal, property and finance background and you get a businesswoman who creates really cool stuff!
So as I look back over the last 10 months, at all the planning, preparing, designing, budgeting, borrowing, importing, negotiating, translating, photographing, crying, laughing, more crying, pleading, praying and travelling we are finally there! As I look back further through all my working life, each job, business and experience has led me here, sitting in the roller coaster at the top of the climb ready to take off towards the loop the loop!
Getting to this point hasn't been easy and there are some huge thank you's to be said.  To Jack and Co. in China, to Damien, Selina, Bruce, Aaron, Michael, Willy, Vera and Paul. To my amazing friends who have supported every step of the way. To my family who's love and support for me is endless. To my Nepali Brother Pema who has enough love in his heart for every needy child in Nepal and reminds me just how lucky I am.  And the biggest thank you of all goes to Jesse, Brianna and Clancey, the 3 magnificent beings who chose to take this journey with me as their Mother.  You are my inspiration and my motivation. You have put up with me when I have at times been downright manic and you know a hug (and unstacking the dishwasher) makes all the pain go away.  Together we will do great things and change many lives through our commitment to children's education in places where going to school is the exception not the rule and I promise you - you will always have a pencil case that "rocks"!
Kathy (Chief of Kool)

Monday, 26 November 2012

The Countdown Is On!

 We are super excited to announce that our website:
will officially launch on Wednesday 28th November at 8:00AM (EST). 

If you haven't 'liked' our Facebook page, pop on over to join in the countdown excitement! You can find us HERE  &
once you have 'liked', please be sure to hover over your 'liked' button and select 'Get Notifications' & 'Show in News Feed' so you never miss any of our exciting posts!

We'd also love for you to follow us on Instagram, we update product photo's daily on Instagram so you will get to see lots of kool stuff!  Our Instagram user name is 2kool4skool_com_au  if you follow us, we will follow you!
Twitter is also up and running and you can find us on Twitter @ 2Kool4Skool_ 
Looking forward to seeing you there!

Friday, 23 November 2012

Competition #1 -- Spread the Kool Giveaway!

Time for our first official giveaway for all of our awesome blog readers!!! Up for grabs is a 2kool4skool Pencil Case & matching ID Wallet featuring our funky, bright designs.
Prize Pack consists of 1 x 2kool4skool Pencil Case & 1 x 2kool4skool ID Wallet.
To enter please leave your full name in the comments section below along with the answer to this simple question;
'How will make your back to school experience easier in 2013?'
Entries close on the Blog on Friday 7th December @10PM EST.


Saturday, 17 November 2012

A Sneak Peek..

Evening All!
Just a quick post tonight with a few sneak-peek images, stock has started to arrive, is being unpacked as we speak and will soon be on our website ready to order! It wont be long and we are very very excited.. can't wait to share our super kool range with you all!

Gorgeous PVC Book covers in super sweet colours/designs..
Our PVC Covers are; NON TOXIC, Recyclable, come in packs of 6 & no contact, scissors or wrapping paper is required! KOOL!!!!

Some of the fantastic book covers, pens, ID tags, Gym Boot Bags, Pencils, Erasers etc that you can expect to see on our website very soon! Awesome variety!

And a personal fave of mine, the American Gym Boot Bags..

This is just a small selection of the stock we will have on offer.. I'll have some more great stock items to show you as the week goes on.. What's your favourite item so far??


Thursday, 15 November 2012

Why We Rock!


The brand 2Kool4Skool is upbeat, fresh and edgy and is targeted at school age children between the ages of 5 – 15. 2Kool4Skool’s core product range is anchored by creatively designed and printed PVC school book covers in 3 sizes with the aim of simplifying “back to school” book covering.

A select number of the cover designs have been used in pencil cases and transport card/identification card holders. Scratch and sniff name labels have been manufactured to round out this range. All of these products have been designed by the owner, Kathy Brooker and manufactured exclusively for 2Kool4Skool in China using non toxic, environmentally friendly PVC and recycled paper.

Ranges of funky school stationery supplies have been sourced to support the above core product range.

Product is sold exclusively through the 2Kool4Skool online store which forms part of the 3 part web site. It is envisaged in the future retail outlets will also be created within the traditional shopping centre environment.

The 2Kool4Skool’s web will encompass 3 web sites rolled into one. One site being the online store. The second site is the 2Kool4Skool Kid Zone. The kid zone is designed to be a safe, family friendly environment in which children interact, play games, enter competitions and both children and parents have access to notice boards and information on Kool Kidz activities.

The 3rd site comprises our social conscience and the basis on which our company is built - Kathy’s burning desire to give back. This is a site dedicated to areas of educational need and the ability to assist. Here you will find Kathy’s financial commitment from every pack of covers to educating children in the 3rd world whether by paying for children to attend school, building schools or supplying computers and equipment. It will give access to how others may wish to assist in this contribution by child sponsorship, donation of old laptops or books the ability to email students within the schools that are supported. The first school to receive Kathy’s commitment is the small school Demazong Academy in Sikkim, the smallest Indian State situated on the Nepalese border.

2Kool4Skool‘s aim is to become the largest and most creative children and teenage stationery supplier in Australia with a household recognised brand with international suppliers to be sourced within the coming years.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012


We're getting excited & it wont be long now until we can unveil to you the terrific team at as well as our fantastic products and let you know what we have in store for you all.. In the meantime, feel free to browse our 'Have a Read' section to see some of the great things our Blog will have on offer.. This is a community blog so please feel free to submit anything you feel you can contribute to our topics (or any topic for that matter) via email to
We look forward to meeting you all very soon!!!!!!!!
Kathy - Chief of Cool &
Damien - Spreader of Cool.