Why We Rock! ~Mission Statement


The brand 2Kool4Skool is upbeat, fresh and edgy and is targeted at school age children between the ages of 5 – 15. 2Kool4Skool’s core product range is anchored by creatively designed and printed PVC school book covers in 3 sizes with the aim of simplifying “back to school” book covering.

A select number of the cover designs have been used in pencil cases and transport card/identification card holders. Scratch and sniff name labels have been manufactured to round out this range. All of these products have been designed by the owner, Kathy Brooker and manufactured exclusively for 2Kool4Skool in China using non toxic, environmentally friendly PVC and recycled paper.

Ranges of funky school stationery supplies have been sourced to support the above core product range.

Product is sold exclusively through the 2Kool4Skool online store which forms part of the 3 part 2koo4skool.com.au web site. It is envisaged in the future retail outlets will also be created within the traditional shopping centre environment.

The 2Kool4Skool’s web will encompass 3 web sites rolled into one. One site being the online store. The second site is the 2Kool4Skool Kid Zone. The kid zone is designed to be a safe, family friendly environment in which children interact, play games, enter competitions and both children and parents have access to notice boards and information on Kool Kidz activities.

The 3rd site comprises our social conscience and the basis on which our company is built - Kathy’s burning desire to give back. This is a site dedicated to areas of educational need and the ability to assist. Here you will find Kathy’s financial commitment from every pack of covers to educating children in the 3rd world whether by paying for children to attend school, building schools or supplying computers and equipment. It will give access to how others may wish to assist in this contribution by child sponsorship, donation of old laptops or books the ability to email students within the schools that are supported. The first school to receive Kathy’s commitment is the small school Demazong Academy in Sikkim, the smallest Indian State situated on the Nepalese border.

2Kool4Skool‘s aim is to become the largest and most creative children and teenage stationery supplier in Australia with a household recognised brand with international suppliers to be sourced within the coming years.

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