Monday, 10 December 2012

2Kool4Skool Fab Gifts Under $20!

Yesterday we featured some of 2kool4skool's fantastic $10.00 and under range, but today let's go a little bit further and check out gifts up to $20.00 that will rock your pencil case! (or they might even be a rocking pencil case!) Find the perfect gift and you don't even have to leave home or battle the shops to do so!
For the Boys!

Check out our wide range of PVC Slip-on book cover packs! Available in lots of kool design's and 3 sizes (exercise, A4 & Scrapbook) pop a pack under the Christmas tree today!

Guitar 8gb USB $19.95

For the Girls!
We also have a wide and funky selection of PVC Book Covers for the Girls as well, so feel free to pop on over and check them out..


Fuzzy Wuzzy Pencil Pack 24 Piece $14.75
Gym Boot Pencil Case - Glitter $15.95

Plus plenty more items on our website for $20.00 and under!!!

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