Sunday, 30 December 2012


What fills me with joy:

Not having to make sandwiches at 6.30am for 6 weeks
Not having to watch my teenage daughters’ top lip curl as she inspects what’s on the above sandwiches

Not having to try to extract teenagers from their beds on school days by threats, bribery or both

Not having to check homework, test spelling words or listen to a home reader for 6 weeks
Not having to sew a button, find a missing sock or emergency uniform wash when I should have already left the house

Not having to be a taxi to the after school activities because they too are on holidays

What doesn’t fill me with joy:
Finding my son’s school bag stuffed in the bottom of his cupboard filled with what has been cleared from his school locker. The contents, including many of the above sandwiches now have started to grow legs and escape from the said school bag. When questioned about the school bag he feels the appropriate answer is  “what?”

Realising that half of the beautifully covered and contacted school books have not been touched since you covered them last January and have been returned home to you. Unfortunately those school books are not on next years school book list. Lucky this year my covering book problems are over thanks to 2kool4skool.
Feeding 3 children on school holidays. No wonder kids grow on school holidays. Its because they constantly empty the contents of the pantry into their hollow legs.

Deciding that going to Wet n Wild would be a fun school holiday thing to do on what seems to be the busiest day of the year with every child in the Southern Hemisphere there on the same day and that day also is the day a huge thunderstorm hits, the rides are closed and every person in 3 theme parks leave and enter the Pacific Highway at the same time.
The phrase “I’m Bored”. How can 3 children with every electronic device, foxtel and a pool be bored!

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  1. Not long now until they go back to school and the school rush starts all over again. This list you have written sounds very familiar and could actually be written about my kids (except they are not teenagers). I also have a 21 month old to contend with too! Both my youngest are getting ready for their first days of Prep and childcare and my son is very keen to go back to see all his friends.

    To ensure the kids go back to school with something to talk about we are taking them away on a little trip just before going back, to do some fishing, slip n slide and fun in the sun activities (of course they'll want to sneak along their ipods too!) Enjoy the rest of your break 2kool4Skool although I imagine it is a very hectic time for you helping everyone else get organised with their stationery supplies :)