Saturday, 8 February 2014

Why Cover School Books?

I was reading one of my favourite blogs Mamamia in late January this year when to my horror I was confronted with this headline: “FACT: There is no need to cover school books”.  I was mortified. “What do you mean?  Has the woman writing this ridiculous blog never had children? Strangely there were women agreeing with her.  I had so many reasons why we should cover school book that I wanted to set them out in dot points in a comment on the blog. But owning a school book cover business.....  this would look a little obvious.
Now of course I wasn’t the first one to invent school book covering. We have been covering our books for decades with newspaper, brown paper, wrapping paper then covered in clear plastic, posters, kitchen contact and now finally the brilliant invention of PVC slip-on school book covers. So why cover school books? 2 real reasons: Protection & Individuality.
Covering your school books keeps them safe from the old apple or banana which has made its way to the corner of your child’s school bag and is now squishing itself against the contents of the school bag. It won’t protect them completely but at least the book will still be salvageable from the drink bottle or chocolate milk spill. My  own children’s books have returned home from a year of “hard labour” with books relatively intact and with covers that, with a wipe down with a baby wipe,  will be ready to use again next year. I wonder how the uncovered exercise books held up and I wonder at what point during the year they were needed to be replaced.
The other reason to cover your books is for self-expression, showing your style, having your books look different to others so that they are easily identifiable as yours.  I have had mothers ring me before school last year telling me that their sons (yes sons) kept going to get their newly covered school books just to look at them and then put them back in their bag. If covering your books can get your kids excited about school then I’m all for it!
So let’s make it known, and we’ll shout it from the roof tops - that we believe that
FACT: There are many great reasons to cover school books – and how great when you can do it with fun and easy slip on school book covers from 2 Kool 4 Skool.

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